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Kansas voter,

I’m reaching out to you today because the Kansas Senate needs your help.  I’ve had the honor to serve as chair of the Senate Education Committee for the past four years. The committee has worked diligently to pass common sense bills that have a positive impact on learning opportunities for pre-K through college and career training. All were intended to help our Kansas families.

Here is a video link that shares our most recent education efforts to help Kansans.

You can help strengthen the Kansas Senate by electing THE Republican Candidate that will help us continue to put Kansas families first! Vote for THE Republican Candidate that supports NEW educational opportunities! Support THE Republican Candidate with a proven commitment to learning opportunities at ALL grade levels!

Please join me in supporting Kansas GOP Senate candidate Kellie Warren!

Many thanks and God bless,

Molly Baumgardner

Kansas Senate, 37th District

Kellie’s Priorities

Economic Recovery

Our nation is dealing with an unprecedented challenge that is causing our economy to stumble and people to lose jobs. We need to be prepared to take the necessary steps to revive our economy and get Kansans back to work!

Health Care

Access to affordable health care is essential for Kansas families and seniors. The best way to achieve this important goal is ensuring Americans own their own health care plan that they can take from job to job and meets their needs.

Student Success

In these unique times, our schools and parents need a wide array of tools and increased local control to ensure student success. The dollars we spend should be directed towards this end, so our students can learn and their future is bright.

Meet Kellie

I’m a proud parent of four kids, three of whom are in Blue Valley K-12 schools, and one in college.  My husband and I know all about the Shawnee Mission schools, too, since we grew up in Overland Park, and graduated from Shawnee Mission South High School.  After high school I then went to and graduated from Cornell University, and came back to Kansas for KU Law School.  Having grown up here, my husband and I knew that when it came time to raise our family, this is right where we wanted to be.

Like you, we’re here for the lively neighborhoods, the good schools, and good job opportunities.  My law office is right near home in Leawood, and is close to our kids’ schools.  As a parent, I’m involved in the schools and community. I enjoy coaching our daughters’ sports teams, getting involved in our son’s outdoor activities, participating at church, serving on my kids’ schools’ PTO Boards, and spending time with our family and Eisenhower “Ike,” the family dog.

As a lifelong Republican, in 2018 I ran for and was elected to serve as your State Representative, District 28.  As a current Representative, I have resolved the school finance crisis, been a leading voice regarding property tax reform, worked to lower your utility bills and food sales tax, preserved access to quality healthcare, and voted to uphold a culture of life.  I am excited about this opportunity to represent and serve our community in the Kansas Senate. As we face unprecedented challenges, we must have Senate leaders who will be focused on getting Kansas back on track and get our economy roaring. In the Senate I will continue my record of bringing reasonable solutions to the problems facing Kansas – no matter the subject.  As an attorney, finding reasonable solutions is what I do. I’m a trusted problem solver.

Using facts and the law, I work to reach a principled outcome. This usually means that neither side gets everything that it wants, but at the end of the day, they all agree that the resolution was reasonable. I’m concerned that special interest groups are politicizing our schools, and moving us towards unacceptable outcomes, where parents are so politicized that they will no longer work together to keep our schools world-class. I don’t want that to happen in our schools, or in our state.

I believe that government functions best when reasoned resolutions are reached. No more bickering and false rhetoric, particularly in these times. Like I do as a Representative, I will rise above that and speak the facts and the truth, and bring reasonable fixes to Kansas.


Below are answers to frequently asked questions Kellie receives from voters when we meet them on their doorsteps:

In a nutshell, I’m a lifelong Republican because I believe the party’s platform best represents the principles of freedom, self-governance, and individual prosperity.

Yes, I believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.  Kansas is a pro-life state, and we believe overwhelmingly that innocent life should be protected, which is why I support the passage of the Value Them Both amendment. The Value Them Both amendment will allow Kansans to have a voice in critical policy decisions like our parental notification laws.

Our primary focus in the aftermath of COVID-19 must be to help get our economy back on track, to restore lives and livelihoods.  The response to this unprecedented health crisis has caused many ripples in our state and national economy and we must work together to help get our Kansas economy moving again and come back stronger than ever.  I’ve been meeting with community business leaders to develop a plan that will create jobs and get our community thriving again.

I am running to be your State Senator in District 11.  I currently am the State Representative for District 28, which is wholly within Senate District 11.  We need a State Senator focused on the traditions of strong community values, effective common-sense solutions and trusted leadership that Johnson County has come to expect.  I have done that in the House and am ready to do the same in the Senate.


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